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The Man with the Camino Tattoo

By Dermot Breen

Pre Order Dermot Breen’s second release “The Man with the Camino Tattoo” now. Release date : May 2018

“The Camino de Santiago, or The Way of Saint James, is a network of pilgrim routes leading to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in north-western Spain, where the remains of the saint are believed to be buried. Over the centuries, many hundreds of thousands have followed its various routes as a form of religious or spiritual devotion. The path to Santiago is also known as the Way of the Sword. It’s reputed to be the path where you fight your demons and find your strength.

In 2016, Dermot decided to undertake a gruelling 1,000 kilometre pilgrimage along the challenging Camino del Norte in memory of his wife Jacqui, who had been cruelly taken from him fifteen months earlier by ovarian cancer. As he carries his rucksack and great sense of loss with him along the centuries old route, he dearly hopes to achieve some sort of peace – perhaps even find a place of sanctuary. And as the land he passes through gradually reveals many of its wondrous myths and legends associated with St James, he begins to believe that miraculous events are perhaps not only confined to the past.

Through the tremendous camaraderie he experiences on his Camino, and particularly through his encounters with the enigmatic Jane, he gains a much better understanding of himself and his loss, which ultimately results in a surprising and life enhancing revelation. Told with great honesty and passion, this is a story that reaches into the very heart of the reader and demonstrates that, even when life can seem utterly hopeless, the human spirit is a powerful force that can rescue even the most vulnerable of souls.”

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