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Historical Publications

Drawn from works by literature authors and also through parish histories we are interested in promoting Ireland’s rich history. We have published many heavily researched historical projects and we look forward to unearthing the next gem. If you are writing it – or interested in writing it – let us help you publish it.

Parish Publications

We have been publishing on behalf of parishes throughout urban and rural Ireland for many years and our experience and expertise in this field is unsurpassed. We will help you to showcase all the good work and events in your parish and its associated clubs and groups.

Write your Memoirs

What could be better than giving someone the chance to publish their life story; to go on the journey to becoming an author and share it all with family, friends and further afield. What a lovely distraction for the writer; a chance to escape into happier times of life.

Featured Books

The Deep Heart’s Core

When Nora Gallagher leaves Donegal to work in a college in Edinburgh she is torn between the excitement of her new career and the call of home. Lodging with Rosie, an elderly family friend, she sees how lonely a city can be for the old and vulnerable. Nora sets out to help Rosie and to improve the prospects of the troubled teenagers she supports in college.

Astute and determined, Nora attracts the praise of her maverick colleagues and the jealousy of her conniving boss, Liz. She also attracts the attention of Gerard Falconer, a wealthy landowner, who opens his estate to disadvantaged students. Nora struggles with her own values, her growing fondness for Gerard and her desire to support her ailing grandfather at home.

By foiling the plans of local criminals preying on Rosie, Nora is unaware of the danger both women now face from a more serious predator – a danger which tracks them back to Donegal, where Nora has returned.

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