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Historical Publications

Drawn from works by literature authors and also through parish histories we are interested in promoting Ireland’s rich history. We have published many heavily researched historical projects and we look forward to unearthing the next gem. If you are writing it – or interested in writing it – let us help you publish it.

Parish Publications

We have been publishing on behalf of parishes throughout urban and rural Ireland for many years and our experience and expertise in this field is unsurpassed. We will help you to showcase all the good work and events in your parish and its associated clubs and groups.

Irish Literature

From experienced authors to fresh up and coming talent, Shanway aims to publish the best of Irish literature. We want to ensure that the strong tradition of Irish literature is continued and developed. If you have a story to tell, we want to hear about it.

Featured Books

Porridge is an Aphrodisiac

There is an often hidden knowledge about what are foods do for us and Roisin Armstrong’s new book is not only an easy-to-read guide, packed full of straightforward and tasty recipes, but the reader will gain a better understanding of the food they eat and how it provides the life energy, vitamins and minerals needed to live a healthy positive life.

The recipes are a selection of largely main courses, soups, salads, a selection of non-wheat and yeast free breads and some tasty treats which, for the most part, can be put together in less than 30 minutes to make life easier for busy people who still want to fit the benefits of fresh home-cooked foods into their living hectic lives.

Whilst the recipes follow the newest guidelines on healthy eating, they are also sensible with an eye to producing good food for a family living within budgets.

Roisin Armstrong is a successful kinesiologist with a special interest in nutrition and knows how foods affect people’s physical and mental wellbeing. She has clinics in Holywood and Portglenone, and she works within NI first specialist eating disorder clinic in Belfast.

She also writes a weekly newspaper column on complementary medicine.

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